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Entrance of an Eclipse

A post-modern exploration of neo-radical traditionalism.

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15 December
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"Wanderer, who are you? I see you go your way without scorn, without love, with unfathomable eyes; moist and sad as a sounding-lead that has returned to the light unsated from every deep - what was it looking for down there? - with a breast that does not sigh, with a lip that hides its disgust, with a hand which now reaches out but slowly: who are you? what have you done? Repose here: this place is hospitable to everyone - refresh yourself! And whoever you may be: what would you like now? What will refresh you? You have only to name it: whatever I have I offer you! - 'Refreshment? Refreshment? O inquisitive man, what are you saying! But please give me -' What? What? Say it - 'One more mask! A second mask!'"

-Friedrich Nietzsche "Beyond Good and Evil"

"You are the children of Eternal Life. If you wanted death to spread its empire upon you, it would be to destroy and abolish it. You dissolve the world and are not dissolved by it. You dominate all creatures and corruption."

-Valentinus as quoted by Tau Valentin II (Jules Doinel)

"The ancient theologists knew that we could form no positive idea of infinity, whether of power, space, or time; it being fleeting and fugitive, and eluding the understanding by a continued and boundless progression. The only notion we have of it is from the addition or division of finite things, which suggest the idea of infinite, only from a power we feel in ourselves of still multiplying and dividing without end."

-Richard Payne Knight "On the Worship of Priapus"

"Genius is a transcendent capacity for taking trouble first of all."

-Fredrick the Great

"What we call liberty is nothing but the all-mightiness of divine compulsion."

-Eliphas Levi

"To be with one's Self is to be with God."

-Guido von List

"To face armies - yea, even death: to enjoy the set place: to enkindle our acquaintance as on a festive occasion: to welcome the other selves as oneself - that my love should be. For when I face my soul I am as naked as in death. Therefore, rejoice now in all thy coverage."

-A.O. Spare "The Logomancy of Zos"

"It is a principle of ancient wisdom that situations as such never matter as much as the attitude that is assumed in front of them, and therefore the meaning that is attributed to them."

-Baron Julius Evola

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